Extremely knowledgeable of probate law.

Jennifer helped my husband and me with a probate situation. She was methodical and stayed right with us to get the probate issue done efficiently and quickly, giving us terrific advice. We would recommend her to anyone...she is professional, yet very kind.

Ms. McKenna is a lawyer with heart!

Ms. MeKenna is a lawyer with heart! From the moment we had a need to update my father's Last Will & Testament, Durable Power of Health & Directive, and Power of Atty documents, Jennifer was expedient, sensitive, and professional. She was able to meet with my elderly father quickly (he had a medical emergency) and he was as impressed with her as I was. She was assuring and kind and left us totally at ease, which in those critical moments, were as important as her legal knowledge. I am confident that his affairs are now in order and I can rest assured that everything is accurate and ready when that time comes. She went above and beyond making sure we had all we needed, including email versions of our documents for easy access. She called several times to check on us and dad's condition. Her warm compassion and the excellence with which she conducts business will make her my number one referral to family and friends. I plan on using her in the future! If you are looking for an Estate Lawyer that cares about YOU, look no further than Jennifer Jo McKenna! She outshines the rest!

I hired Ms. McKenna to advise me on how to represent my terminally ill sister.

I hired Ms. McKenna to advise me on how to represent my terminally ill sister. Time was of the essence in this situation and Jennifer exceeded all expectations. She met my sister and I at the hospital, and explained all of our options. She and her amazing team went into overdrive to draw up all of the documents and paperwork that are required to keep Sis's estate out of probate and to have all of her directives followed as she wished. My sis passed 2 days later with all documents and paperwork filed and in order. My sister's heirs all live in other states, so they hired Jennifer to handle the estate. The estate was settled without a glitch due to the preplanning Jennifer provided.Not only is Ms McKenna an attorney of the highest caliber, she is a kind and understanding person. Her advice, guidance and compassion at this most difficult time was so appreciated by my sister's heirs, family, and especially me.

Best attorney

She has helped me, my friends, co-workers, and family with several cases. I trust nobody else like Jennifer. Posted January 11, 2019

Probate-best choice

Jennifer McKenna continues to help me navigate one of the most difficult times of my life-taking care of my best friend's estate. She has provided the services I need without trying to take advantage of the situation. Jennifer has kept my best interest at the fore not profit. She has been professional and yet shows amazing caring. Very glad I found her! Cecilia January 14, 2019

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